Type of Medication: Mineral

Indications: reatment of hypomagnesaemia

Side Effects: Diarrhoea

Route of administration: Adult (Intravenous)

Dose:Magnesium sulphate: Give 30 mmol over 8 hours in 500ml NaCl 0.9%. Magnesium sulphate 50% injection = 2 mmol per ml)

Administration: Check Mg concentration daily. Repeat dose after Mg >0.7 to replenish body stores, or give 2/52 course of oral magnesium.

Route of administration: Adult (Oral)

Dose:Up to 50 mmol per day in divided doses can be given orally to replace deficiency. Use lower doses in renal impairment.Give for 2/52 then recheck Mg concentration. If Mg<0.5 or patient is symptomatic use iv route If maintenace prophylaxsis is required use 20-24 mmol of oral magnesium per day.

Administration: Magnesium glycerophosphate tablets = 4 mmol per tablet. Magnesium glycerophosphate liquid = 1 mmol per millitre. Magnesium oxide 400 mg capsules = 10 mmol per capsule.

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