Type of Medication: Antibiotic

Indications: Treatment of urinary and respiratory infections caused by sensitive organisms

Side Effects: Side Effects: GI upset including nausea and vomiting, pruritus, rash, hyperkaleamia, depression of haematopoiesis. Rarley erythema multiforme, toxic epidermal necrolysis, photosensitivity and other allergic reactions includong angioedema and anaphylaxis. Aseptic meningitis and uveitis have been reported.

Route of administration: Route of administration: Adult (Oral)

Dose:200mg bd


Route of administration:  Paediatric (Oral)

Dose:8 mg/kg/day in 2 divided doses

Administration: Maximum dose of 200 mg bd

Examples of some Drug Interactions

Interacting drug: Cyclosporin

increased risk of nephrotoxicity. ? Reduced cyclosporin concentration

Interacting drug: Dapsone

plasma level of both drugs increased.

Interacting drug: Methotrexate

antifolate effect increased, increased risk of haematological toxicity.

Interacting drug: Phenytoin

level of phenytoin increased

Interacting drug: Procainamide

increased concentrations of procainamide

Interacting drug: Repaglinide

? enhances hypoglycaemic effcet avoid concomitant use.

Interacting drug: Warfarin

? anticoagulation effect enhanced