Tranexamic acid

Type of Medication: Haemostatic drug

Indications: Minor haemoptysis, thrombolytic overdose, menorrhagia, epistaxis

Side Effects: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, colour vision disturbances: thromboembolic events reported rarley

Route of administration: Adult (Intravenous)

Dose:0.5 to 1 g tds (local fibrinolysis)

Administration: Slow intravenous injection over five to ten minutes. Dose reduction may be required in patients with renal impairement.

Route of administration: Adult (Oral)

Dose:1 to 1.5g 6 to 12 hourly (local fibrinolysis). Review after two weeks or when haemoptysis resolves. Dosages in other indications differ.

Examples of some Drug Interactions

Administration: Dose reduction may be require in patients with renal impairement.