Tobramycin (inhaled)

Type of Medication: Antibiotic

Indications:  Nebulised anti pseudomonal treatment

Side Effects: Bronchospasm, cough, tinnitus, haemoptysis, voice alteration and mouth ulcers

Route of administration: Adult (Nebulised)

Dose:300 mg (5 ml) bd on a cyclical basis ( 28 days of tobramycin followed by a 28 day tobramycin free interval).

Administration: Ready prepared, needs no further dilution. 

Route of administration: Paediatric (Nebulised)

Dose: over 6 years: as for adults

Administration: Although only licensed for children over 6 years, this dose has been used in children over the age of 6 months

Examples of some Drug Interactions

Interacting drug: Ethacrynic acid
enhanced aminoglycoside toxicity

Interacting drug: Frusemide
enhanced aminoglycoside toxicity

Interacting drug: Mannitol
enhanced aminoglycoside toxicity