Tissue type plasminogen activator (Alteplase)

Type of Medication: Thrombolytic

Indications: Treatment of acute massive Pulmonary embolism or complicated venous thrombosis

Side Effects: Side Effects: nausea, vomiting, bleeding, hypotension if sytemic, allergic reaction

Route of administration: Adult (Intravenous)

Dose:90 mg over 2 hours after giving a test dose of 10 mg iv over 1 to 2 minutes (Thorax 1997;52 (Suppl 4):S6-S7). Alternative dose 20 mg/hr over 2 hrs with a further 50 mg infusion if required (1.5 mg/kg)

Administration: Comes as powder with diluent

Examples of some Drug Interactions

Interacting drug: Heparin
increased risk of bleeding

Interacting drug: NSAID
increased risk of bleeding

Interacting drug: Warfarin
increased risk of bleeding